Investment Team

Zach Ware, Managing Partner

As Managing Partner Zach, in addition to helping find and support awesome companies, gets to do the boring internal stuff. He’s founded several companies including SHIFT, a massive transportation operation and technology company which nearly killed him. Before that he was Head of Product at and built its current campus.

Previously he led distribution and later ecommerce for The Republic of Tea. His background includes leadership in real estate development and government relations.

Zach is splits his time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Companies: Thrive Market, Ice, General Assembly, Asana, SurfAir, Ministry of Supply, Stedi, Arka, ReturnBase, Adquick, Arylla, Bungalow Clothing, Galvanize, WithMe, Bow & Drape, AnyPerk, Skillshare.

Will Young, General Partner

Will is a General Partner and has been humbled working with amazing founders in the portfolio. He loves learning about almost any industry but finds that he’s least useless when it comes to commerce, fashion, company culture and awkward questions.

Will’s day job is with Zappos where he started and ran a @ZapposLabs R&D team out of San Francisco for 5 years and has recently gone back to playing a more hands-on product role building new shopping experiences. He’s also the reigning donut eating champion at Zappos (personal best: 23 donuts in 20 minutes).

He would like to end his bio humble bragging about what a great amateur athlete he is. But he’s actually pretty mediocre at all sports but enjoys playing them nonetheless.

Will is based in San Francisco.

Companies: CombatGent, Wedgies, Print Syndicate, AdEspresso, Exact Media, WiseBanyan

Tony Hsieh, General Partner
Tony is the CEO of and the author of Delivering Happiness, a NY Times bestseller.

Fred Mossler, General Partner
Fred holds the long-time position of No Title at

Patrick Olson, Portfolio Manager

Patrick has co-founded two startups, developed’s new corporate campus and worked in product and engineering. This diverse experience brings unique value to the VTF Capital team and the extensive portfolio of companies. Our portfolio’s greatest assets are the humans behind each company so he spends much of his time building human connections inside and out of the portfolio and sharing as much knowledge as possible.

Patrick has an amazing wife and when not working or spending time with his family, he can usually be found rock climbing or golfing.

Patrick is based in Las Vegas.

Companies: Banjo, Hammerhead, Meta, Ring, Dragon Innovation

Jonathan Sanborn, CPA, Controller

Jonathan is a Certified Public Accountant who began his financial services career at KPMG in Boston and continued at Edelstein & Company, focusing on tax and accounting advisory projects. In 2011, Jonathan left public accounting to work with at the Fulfillment Center in Louisville Kentucky, followed by a two-year Controller position at TRX in San Francisco.

Jonathan has a passion for communicating, building and implementing financial solutions, and bringing numbers to life to tell the story of a business.

When not getting excited about his 10-key laptop and fun Excel functions, Jonathan can be found running and biking around the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Jonathan is based in Las Vegas.